Legal recruitment as it should be.

Honest, impartial and candidate-focused.

Vanguard Search is a modern talent agency that cuts through the noise of traditional recruitment and focuses on what matters most – you.

We’re ruled by a new approach, one built on connecting talent with opportunity and finding the right fit. We search for what really determines your career path – potential. It never stands still so why would you? That’s why we create an ever growing talent network, full of both seeking and simply curious associates that understand the power of possibility.

Vanguard specialise in recruiting associates for private practice, helping law firms strategically attract and pipeline talent in a way that works for themselves and their candidates. Our knowledge is based in both talent acquisition and in the creation of a candidate experience that goes beyond a simple job search. We help you to navigate the legal landscape with confidence, freedom and support.

We’re unfettered by client retainers, exclusivity agreements and book-based bias. Instead of pushing and rushing decisions we create an organic recruitment process where fit comes first and impartiality is the standard. Our reputation and relationships depend on it.

Make your move. Be a part of it.