Our mission

Dig deeper. Prioritise potential. Foster freedom.

“Our mission is what sets us apart from other legal recruiters. In many ways, it’s pretty simple – we want to change how law firms attract talent. But that’s just the beginning.

As a candidate-focused consultancy, we look at the value and practice of legal talent acquisition a little differently.

Potential, impartiality and long-term partnership are at the core of how and why Vanguard do what we do.”

Bally Sethi

Bally Sethi

Founder & Director

Unlock potential

Recognising talent is just step one. It’s potential that interests us. This is what truly determines the direction of your career and future success. We don’t set standards for achievement blindly or let where you are today dictate where you go tomorrow.

Put people first

A candidate-facing focus goes beyond merely recruitment practice. It highlights the role that communication, development and transparency can play in creating a new, better legal culture.

And it’s a culture that serves candidate needs first and foremost. By seeing potential before positions we can uncover and develop what really matters and offer support on a long-term scale.

Look beyond today

Simply matching available associates to available jobs is not what Vanguard do. Our network is comprised of active searchers, passive professionals and industry observers, all with career needs to be heard and noted. So that’s what we do. We build long-term, valuable relationships with today’s and tomorrow’s candidates.

Raise the bar

Vanguard provide candidates with the knowledge and support to explore options, develop professionally and think strategically about their career prospects whether they’re contemplating a career shift or not. It’s a candidate’s market so we shaped a recruitment experience around the people who are really in the driving seat – you. This is your career, your time. We’re simply here to help you own every opportunity it presents.